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 Alicia Lunae

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PostSubject: Alicia Lunae   Mon Jul 06, 2009 8:24 pm

Name: Alicia "Hikari' Lunae

Nickname: Kari or Eiffel

Age: 16

Birthplace: Paris, France


Alicia's body has stopped producing Melanin in her hair roots so her hair is now a bleach white color. She usually dresses in white. She has light blue eyes and light smooth skin. She usually wears no pants, but very long dresses. She usually wears Fleur de lis bangles on each arm and two belts around her waist, which hold the spirits for her powers.

Personality: Alicia is a usually cheerful girl. She always tries to find the good in someone and will gladly give her life to save someone else’. She loves just sitting at a vantage point and watch as the city just moves on its own. She loves animals and can never make herself harm anyone past the point of incapacitation.

Gender: Female

Occupation: High School Student. (Junior)

Special Characteristics: Sword Training (Nodachi, Naginta, Jian, Gladius, Chinese Sword, Rapier and Short Sword) Pistol Training, Rifle Training, Archery Training and a Self proclaimed Master Chef.

Race: Human

Special Power

General Power: Le Mabushii Abîme (The Radiant Abyss) Form Manipulation and Ability Mirroring. (By use of Spirit Chant)


First Radiance: Alicia activates her top belt, summoning a black dove. The dove has the ability to take on the form of any living organism or spiritual creature as long as it has a Humanoid appearance. Alicia can take the transformed dove and apply it's form to herself, effectively changing her own form. The transformation can be something minor like changing one's hair color or height and can be as drastic as mirroring someone's personality.

Piercing Abyss: Alicia activates her bottom belt, summoning a white crow. The Crow has the ability to take on the form of any inanimate object, A Sword, A Mace, Glasses, Clothes. Alicia can take the Crow and use it's form, as a Weapon or clothes. If used to mimic a Shinigami's Zanpakuto it can't use any of it's abilities. Both Belts can be used in Conjunction.

Spirit Chant:

Top Belt: In the transcendence of darkness.. First Radiance!

Bottom Belt: In the absence of Light.. Piercing Abyss!

History and Role Playing Sample

History: Alicia was born in Paris, to a Japanese Mother and a French Father. Her Father and Mother moved to Japan around the time she turned 9. She spent the rest of her life in Japan, eventually she adjusted to her new life and adopted a Japanese name. One day while leaving school she was thrown onto the frozen river. She was pushed under the ice, and carried along by the current. Eventually she blacked out, the only sound she could hear was the rush of water and oddly enough, the flapping of wings. She awoke next to the river, covered in snow, but strangely alive. Eventually she found basic control of her powers, but still lives her life as a normal person. Although she can still see what's happening. Things that others can't. Innocent people, being assaulted, beaten and eaten... by giant lumbering monsters.

Role Playing Sample: Alicia looked up at her ceiling, spinning a pencil between her fingers. She looked down at her desk and dropped her head against it. "God... History.... Sucks.." She knew she was going to fail. She hadn't studied in days. She had spent all of her nights, out by the river, practicing with her new powers. God... I used to be an A Student.. now look at me... the second I become a Super Hero... I drop to a C minus.... Maybe I should just let Ms. Fujiko.. change my grade...

She smiled as she thought about becoming her own teacher, and changing her own grade. Her thoughts were interrupted by a bony fist being slammed onto her desk. She looked up to see Ms. Fujiko, eying her blank test. "Miss Lunae.. The test is over... and so is your C average..." She grabbed the test and walked back to her desk, leaving Alicia to her sorrow. Oh God.... Oka-San is gonna kill me... She leaned back in her chair and collected her books, as the class around her chattered and buzzed on about, their own lives, clothes and the newest movies. But Alicia had other things on her mind. She looked out the window and saw a giant centipede, chasing after a business woman with a chain and lock on her chest. She stood up and walked to the window, as tears ran down her eyes. The woman was pulled into the bug's giant mouth and was swallowed whole. She turned away from the window and covered her ears, not wanting to see or hear the woman's final cries for help, muffled by the bugs stomach.

She sat down at her desk, crying into her hands for the 4th time this week. She didn't know how to stop the attacks, she didn't know why she was seeing them and she was distraught that this might be carrying on for the rest of her life. Eventually she would just run out of tears and become a hollow shell. She didn't want the feelings to stop, but she didn't want to keep seeing these massacres. Kami-Sama...... What am I going to do...
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PostSubject: Re: Alicia Lunae   Wed Jul 08, 2009 6:04 pm

Interesting powers

*stamps on your forehead*

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PostSubject: Re: Alicia Lunae   Wed Jul 08, 2009 9:10 pm

Thank you ^_^!
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PostSubject: Re: Alicia Lunae   

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Alicia Lunae
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