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Bleach Agaru O Kuzureru (AOK)

Bleach Rise or fall. A new Bleach rpg. Create your own Dream bleach character? What will they be? A soul repear, hollow, human or a special human (like chad and orihime from the tv show). Bleach Rise or fall, a rpg fansite based off of Viz media, bleach!
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 Nemokai Remanu

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PostSubject: Nemokai Remanu   Nemokai Remanu Icon_minitimeWed Jun 17, 2009 5:19 am

Personal Information

Name: Nemokai Remanu

Nickname: Kai

Age: actual age: 1313 Appearance: 19

Gender: Male

Apperance: Nemokai Remanu Anime+boy

Division: 13

Rank: Captain

Personality: Nemokai is very laid back. He doesnt care to be so serious about things, even while fighting. Everythings a game to him. Everythings somehow funny

Special Characteristics: Nemokai seems to either sing, hum, or whistle music wherever he goes


Name: Kusari Zugaikotsu (The Chained Skeleton)

Appearance: Nemokai Remanu DarkOriginal

Zanpakuto Realm: Kusari's realm is rather terrifying. its filled with graveyards and mourges and the whole place is eerily quiet. The fog and silence is pressuring and any lesser mind would soon be broken in the vast expanse of death.

Zanpakuto Basic Appearance: Nemokai Remanu 115-CH814

Shikai: The shikai is constant release. is siphens off the blood of the enemy. causing the enemy to become more woozy as blood loss becomde more intense. As the blade fills with the blood, it tints farther and farther red.

Shikai-Command: "Fade to darkness.... kusari!"

Bankai: Kusari Danpen Zugaikotsu (The Chained Shredding Skeleton) ((is a power description needed here?))

Bankai description: Nemokai Remanu Scorpion_by_malmida


Kido: 90 (black coffin), 68 (Twin lotus blue fire), 63 (Thunder Roar Cannon), (White Crawl), 58 (Tracking Sparrows)
(i will take more via custom kido)

(A Gigai is a artificial body, which appears, and acts as a completely normal human being. Gigai are used by Soul Reapers usually for specific communication amongst humans. Also, within a Gigai, you cannot use your Spiritual Power, and it's as if you don't have any at all within the shell (Gigai).

Name: Kai Re

Age: 19

Likes: Music

Dislikes: Rap

History and Role Playing Sample

History: Ever since the moment Kai entered the soul society he had been fending for himself. Not giving up anything without a fight. He was serious, and cold. It wasnt until a yougn girl, by the name of haley, met him that his life changed. She cared for him as a mother would even though they were both only 8 by soul society standards. she watched out for him and prevented fights. She taught him that not everything was worth fighting for, not everything was worth blood. Nemokai lightened up from that moment and became the layed back man he was today. Both Haley and himself went into the academy and it wasnt long before they fought side by side. Unfortunately she was killed by a hollow on a mission and Nemokai was torn. He didnt know what to do but then remembered what haley had told him. "not everything in life is worth worrying about." he moved on.... forgot the sadness in his heart and moved onto become a captian

Role-Play Sample: The morning was peaceful that was for sure. "i dont like these kind of days" spoke kusari inside Nemokai's head. "oh shut it will you" he thought back "its toosunny to complain." "youre not serious enough, your goin to get yourself killed." "That may be true Kusari, but when my time comes, it comes you know?" he smiled, taking in a deep breath and walked out side his room. it was going to be a fantastic day
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Nemokai Remanu
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