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Bleach Rise or fall. A new Bleach rpg. Create your own Dream bleach character? What will they be? A soul repear, hollow, human or a special human (like chad and orihime from the tv show). Bleach Rise or fall, a rpg fansite based off of Viz media, bleach!
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 Character Template: Quincy

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Character Template: Quincy Empty
PostSubject: Character Template: Quincy   Character Template: Quincy Icon_minitimeTue May 26, 2009 7:16 am

Personal Information

Name: (Make sure to include a first and last name. If for whatever reason you character adopted a new name then include their new name as well as their original name.)

Nickname: (Your characters nickname or alias. This isn't required or anything, it's simply a preference. If you don't wish for your character to have a nickname or alias, simply put N/A and we'll understand.)

Age: (How old is character to date. Include their actual age and how old they appear to be.)

Birthplace: (Where were they born.)

Looks: (Please include a picture if you can and at least a paragraph of description.)

Personality: (How you character acts in certain situations.)

Gender: (Is your character male or female.)

Occupation: (Does your character have a job or attend some sort of school.)

Special Characteristics: (Anything special or abnormal about your character. If they are exceptionally skilled in something, or have received training in some sort of way.)

Race: (All Quincy are Human...)

Bow and Skills Information

Bow/Glove Appearance: (What does your bow look like. Include if it looks like a long bow or crossbow, and what color it is.)

Bow Abilities: (Is your Bow special in some way. Does it have some type of unique ability?)

Quincy Techniques: (List any and all Quincy techniques that your character poses. Note, you must learn these techniques from a stronger Quincy, so they will be updated once you do that.)

Quincy Items: (List any and all of the Quincy Items your character poses.)

History and Role Playing Sample

History: (This is a detailed story about your characters life/history. Try to make it at least a paragraph long and please be creative. Refrain from mentioning any characters from the show, as they do not exist.)

Role Playing Sample: (This is a sample role play to get an understanding of how well you perform at it. Try to make it at least a paragraph.)
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Character Template: Quincy
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