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Bleach Agaru O Kuzureru (AOK)

Bleach Rise or fall. A new Bleach rpg. Create your own Dream bleach character? What will they be? A soul repear, hollow, human or a special human (like chad and orihime from the tv show). Bleach Rise or fall, a rpg fansite based off of Viz media, bleach!
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 Admin (IMPORTANT!!)

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PostSubject: Admin (IMPORTANT!!)   Admin (IMPORTANT!!) Icon_minitimeThu Apr 23, 2009 8:59 am

As admin of the site I must tell you, that it is very likely that I will not be on a lot of weekdays, in fact I will only be on if there is little homework, no school, no homework or on a vacation. Do not worry, I'm very free on the weekends.

I should've said I won't be on early a lot. Usually by the time I get here it's 7:00 or 10:30 where am I at, Califorina, which is pacific time
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